Call for projects 22.03 - 21.05


The Ouaga Film Lab is an important time for the structuring of audiovisual ecosystem in French-speaking Africa. The CNC is pleased to support this fifth edition, as it has done since the launch of what is now an internationally recognized platform. It was important that this event could take place, despite the health constraints, at a time of great suffering for the film industry at a global level.

The mission of the CNC, more essential than ever in this time of crisis, is to support the creators and the film and audiovisual industries, in France but also abroad, and particularly in the French-speaking sphere. Since the beginning of the health crisis, we implemented emergency measures, and as part of our Recovery Plan, we decided to increase the ressources allocated to Aid to the World’s cinemas. The vocation of this device, to help filmmakers around the world, particularly those who have to create in difficult conditions, for economic or political reasons, is more essential than ever.

Beyond this iconic aid, the CNC is proud to support creators in Africa with the Fonds pour la jeune création francophone.

As part of these two schemes, a new DEENTAL-ACP program was launched this year, with the support of European Union and the Organization of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States, which enables financial bonuses to be granted to projects from these countries and beneficiaries of the Aid to World cinemas and/or the Fonds pour la jeune création francophone. It is also plans to set up training and guidance measures to support the structuring of audiovisual sector in the ACP countries.

Solidarity is at the heart of our vision of cinema and culture in France. Our relationship with creators around the world is made of friendship, success in our respective countries, but also cooperation. Thanks to the Ouaga Film Lab for contributing so strongly.

I wish all project leaders, Generation Film and its mentors, a successful 5th edition!